ACS Tech80 SB1292 Dual Axis Control Module

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ACS Tech80 SB1292 Dual Axis Control Module


Motion Control Module with 500-1000W Digital Drives
Offers Dual-Axis Control for AC Servo, DC brush and
AC Induction Motors.

Easy to program using ACSPL, a powerful high level language common to all
SB-Series control modules
32k of user-programmable memory
General Purpose I/O: 16 inputs and 16 outputs, all opto-isolated
Two 12-bit analog inputs that can be used for feedback, such as, force and position
Two 10-bit analog outputs for monitoring and additional control functions
Powerful I/O handling with advanced PLC capabilities
Teach & go for up to 1,024 points
RS-232/422/485 high-speed serial communications interface, up to 57600 baud rate

Position Control:

  • Sampling Rate: 20kHz
  • Control Algorithms: Pgain, acceleration feed-forward, automatic velocity feed forward, integral limit.
  • Trajectory Calculation Rate: 1kHz
  • Range: ±999,999,999 counts

Velocity Control:

  • Sampling Rate: 20kHz
  • Control Algorithm: PI +second order low pass filter
  • Range: Up to 128,000,000 counts/second
  • Resolution: 1 count/second
  • Incremental Encoder Count Rate: Up to 32,000,000 counts/second
  • Velocity Accuracy:Long Term: 0.005% Short Term: 0.01%-0.5% (systemdependent)