Simco Guardian CR2000 Ionizing Air Blower

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Simco Guardian CR2000 Ionizing Air Blower, Gerät mit drei Lüftern.

Auszug aus der Herstellerseite:

The Guardian CR2000 ensures cleanroom compatibility using specially chosen components and materials. All fan and air bearing surfaces are manufactured to insure cleanliness. Fan assemblies are particle-tested to Class 10 (209E; ISO class 4) particle limits. The Guardian CR2000's final assembly, final test, and packaging take place in a Class 100 cleanroom to minimize risk of contamination.

Features include:

  • Inherently balanced to 0±5 V
  • Ion balance and ion output monitors
  • Lockout key switch
  • Class 10 cleanroom ISO-4 compatible
  • Patented emitter point cleaner

Masse: L 110 x B 18 x H 11 cm