Symbol LS4071 Wireless Barcode Scanner

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Symbol LS4071 - E1DE Wireless Barcode Scanner mit Anschlusskabel STI80-0200


Modell RL474 - E1DE

Auszug aus der Herstellersseite:

The LS4071 offers features that take advantage of Symbol's advanced technology and electronics:

  • An RF working range of over 10 feet/3 meters. And since it is cordless, there's never any need to worry about broken cables.
  • It uses adaptive logic to provide excellent scanning performance on all bar codes, including damaged and poor quality symbols. And its brighter laser provides improved performance in brightly lit environments.
  • The LS4071 uses flash memory to store system and application software modules. This allows for easy field updates, plus there's no need to open the scanner and physically replace the PROM chip. In addition, its Synapse™ interface makes connectivity to virtually any host a matter of just changing the cable.
  • Advanced Data Formatting gives Symbol LS4071 cordless barcode scanner users the ability to modify scanned data before forwarding it to the host computer.
  • The Symbol LS4071 cordless barcode scanner was designed for heavy use and is very durable. It has a rubber overmold canopy and a protective battery boot cover.